Fjords and Midnight Sun Expedition

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12 Days
Availability : 2021: 1 May / 6 May / 12 May / 17 May / 23 May / 28 May / 3 Jun / 8 Jun / 14 Jun / 19 Jun / 25 Jun / 30 Jun / 6 Jul / 11 Jul / 17 Jul / 22 Jul / 28 Jul / 2 Aug / 8 Aug / 13 Aug / 19 Aug / 24 Aug / 30 Aug / 4 Sep / 10 Sep / 15 Sep / 21 Sep
Tour Details
Join us on a fantastic summer expedition to hidden pearls and famous highlights as we discover the very best of Norway’s coastline. Experience Lofoten, Vesterålen and North Cape, partake in exciting activities, visit colourful towns and experience remote villages under the extraordinary light of the Arctic summer.

– Explore the ideal summer coastal route with the Norway experts
– Enjoy an epic concert in a cathedral-like cave, far out in the Atlantic Ocean
– Discover the amazing landscape of Vesterålen, Lofoten and North Cape
– Step back in time in the charming fishing villages of Lofoten, Lyngen and Træna

Hurtigruten offers unique cruises to some of the world´s most remote and pristine waters. As with all expeditions, nature prevails. Weather conditions can determine the final itinerary. Safety and ultimate guest experiences are our top priorities. Our itineraries are continuously evaluated for adaption, be it unexpected natural elements or exciting wildlife opportunities. That’s why we call it an expedition.

Price in Euro Includes

  • Hurtigruten Expedition Cruise in cabin grade of your choice
  • A rich programme of included activities on all voyages designed to immerse you in the destinations we visit, including onshore exploration with the Expedition Team
  • Professional English and German-speaking Expedition Team - an international hand-picked team of highly educated experts from various academic fields with profound knowledge of the regions we sail in
  • Complimentary wind- and water-resistant jacket
  • Loan of trekking poles, and equipment needed for optional and included activities
  • Engaging onboard activities and education
  • Port presentations providing destination insights
  • All meals including beverages (beer and wine, sodas and mineral water in all ship restaurants)
  • Coffee and tea
  • Free wi-fi on board for all guests. Be aware that we may sail in remote areas with limited connection. Streaming is not supported.

Price Excludes

  • International and national flights
  • Optional shore excursions with our local partners or Expedition Team
  • Travel Insurance, Luggage handling, Optional Gratuities etc

Day 1Gateway to the Fjords: Bergen

Your special summer expedition cruise starts in Bergen – one of Norway’s most beautiful cities and perfect for exploring on foot.

Bergen was founded in 1070 AD and has retained much of its local character, charm and history. Stroll the UNESCO-listed Bryggen district with colourful wharfs dating back to the 14th century. Wander cobblestone streets and slip into narrow alleyways fronted by old wooden houses. Sample pickled herring or buy fresh shrimp off the boat at Bergen’s famous fish market. Drop into one of the city’s many outdoor restaurants or beer gardens and sip a local Hansa pilsner. You can also see artwork by such famous artists as Edvard Munch, or enjoy a trip on the Fløibanen Funicular, where you can admire sweeping views of the surrounding fjords, island and seven mountains encircling the city.

After departing Bergen, sit down to a delicious dinner and watch the scenery glide by. We’re sailing to the high north on a route once plied by the Vikings. Maybe spend the rest of the evening getting to know members of the Expedition Team and other passengers or relax on deck in the late spring and summer sunshine.

Day 2Unique Art Nouveau Architecture: Ålesund - Half day

This morning, we navigate the open sea around Norway’s most western point, Vestkapp, and arrive at Ålesund after breakfast.

Ålesund is renowned for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. Today’s included activity is hiking with the Expedition Team up the 418 steps to the summit of Mt. Aksla (189 m above sea level). Along the way, we pass statues of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Viking Gange-Rolf, or Rollo, who reputedly is the forefather of William the Conqueror. Atop Mount Aksla, you get outstanding views of the surrounding archipelago, beautiful town centre and the amazing Sunnmøre Alps.

You can also choose optional activities in Ålesund, including city walks, longer hikes, bike and kayaking tours, and a visit to the nearby Norwegian Aquarium, which is built directly into the rocky coastline and features native fish species, octopus, seals and penguins.

Departing Ålesund, we sail past small islands and fjords. We later pass the remote island of Grip, where storms occasionally sweep buildings into the sea. Miraculously, Grip’s tiny 15th century church has always been left standing. Later, we pass the city of Kristiansund and the islands of Smøla and Hitra.

Day 3Home of Famous Torghatten: Brønnøysund - Half day

Today we arrive at Brønnøysund, an attractive town of 5,000 inhabitants that’s the halfway point along Norway’s long coastline.

Nearby is the famous mountain with a hole in the middle – Torghatten. Join local guides and our Expedition Team on an epic hike up the mountain and into the hole. It’s an inspiring experience that you won’t forget!

Brønnøysund is also the gateway to Vega Island – a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the way the community demonstrates its centuries-old sustainable way of life.

Islanders thrived in this location for more than a millennium by practicing the unique livelihood of eider farming. You can choose an optional excursion to this fascinating historic island from Brønnøysund.

Next, we proceed along the coast of Helgeland – passing the Seven Sisters mountain range. The story goes that seven beautiful troll sisters were caught out at sunrise and turned to stone, thus creating these seven beautiful peaks.

That evening, we sail by the small island of Vikingen, through which the Arctic Circle passes. We have now entered the Land of Midnight Sun, where the sun shines 24 hours a day in summer.

Day 4Dramatic Scenery and Peaceful Beaches: Stokmarknes and Risøyhamn - Full day

Vesterålen in summer is an archipelago of lush green islands, surrounded by blue sea frequented by whales, seals and seabirds.

Our first port of call today is Stokmarknes – where Hurtigruten was founded in 1893. For more than 126 years, Hurtigruten has been an essential part of life of coastal Norway, tying cities and communities together, and carrying goods and people up and down coastal Norway’s main highway – the sea. As an included activity, you can explore the Hurtigruten Museum, which tells Hurtigruten’s remarkable story.

You can also join optional excursions like hiking, kayaking, and going on scenic bus rides to small fishing communities and along Norway’s National Tourist Route on Andøya. Vesterålen is known for its many whales, and you get the chance here to join our optional whale safari excursion. A close encounter with whales is the experience of a lifetime.

After Stokmarknes, we continue cruising through the beautiful scenery of Vesterålen and arrive at the port of Risøyhamn, where we pick up those who went on a scenic bus ride or whale safari.

Day 5Gateway to the Arctic: Tromsø - Full day

Tromsø is an exceptionally lively city during summer. If you’re looking for adventure, this is the place. Tromsø’s numerous summer activities include hiking and biking tours, kayaking on the fjord, and a ride on the Fjellheisen Cable Car to the top of a mountain for amazing vistas.

Tromsø also features fascinating history. It was the starting point for many Arctic expeditions and the first stop for hunters and explorers returning to civilisation. The city is known for great shopping and creative cuisine featuring fresh produce – hence its nickname as the ‘Paris of the North’. Tromsø is also recognized for its bold architecture. The Arctic Cathedral is one of the highlights, featuring an enormous stained-glass mosaic.

Today´s included activity is a visit to the Polaria Arctic experience centre. Look, feel, experience and understand why life in the sea and on land are inextricably linked.
Polaria is also one of two places in Europe where you can see bearded seals at close range.

You can join other optional excursions like hikes with our Expedition Team, as well as fjord boat trips and scenic bus rides.

Day 6Edge of the World: Honningsvåg - Full day

Welcome to the small fishing village of Honningsvåg – gateway to spectacular North Cape.

We start the day with a scenic bus ride from Honningsvåg, passing small bays with tiny hamlets and crossing a mountain plateau before arriving at North Cape – just 2,100 km away from the North Pole. Stand at the edge of the 307 m high cliff with the iconic globe statue and gaze across the Barents Sea. Only the Svalbard archipelago separates you from the top of the world. Looking out at vistas reaching beyond the horizon, you realize you’re truly at the end of the world. North Cape is an ideal place for taking amazing photos. Inside the North Cape Hall, you can enjoy a short film and exhibits about your surroundings.

Back in Honningsvåg, stroll past quaint houses, nice shops and a church that was the only building left standing at the end of World War II. You can also join optional excursion like exciting hikes with the Expedition Team, king crab safaris and town walks with local guides.

You can also take an optional excursion to Gjesværstappan, one of the biggest and busiest bird cliffs in Norway inhabited by almost 1 million puffins.

Day 7Naturally Exciting: Havnnes - Full day

We start this morning by sailing into a fjord along the base of the magnificent Lyngen Alps – a spectacular sight.

As we reach Årøybukt, those joining the optional excursion to the world’s northernmost whiskey distillery, learning about WWII history and a scenic bus ride, are tendered ashore.

The rest of us sail to the charming seaside trading post of Havnnes, which counts just 33 inhabitants. Stock and salted fish are still produced here in the traditional way.

Havnnes will send you back 100 years in time to the days of steam and sail. Interact with the locals and enjoy the vintage general store. You can also explore the local museum, an old wooden building on the pier featuring a photo exhibition about the life of Annie Giæver – who took photographs of the area during the first half of the 20th century.

Looking for more excitement? Join optional excursions including nature hikes, kayaking or riverboating in Reisa National Park, a landscape of canyons, valleys, a salmon river and mountain plateau.

Day 8Lofoten Archipelago Discovery: Svolvær and Reine - Full day

We start the day by sailing into the magnificent Trollfjord.

This natural wonder is surrounded by mountains reaching more than 1,000 metres skyward from the sea in a narrow passage that cuts deeply and dramatically into heart of the island. We carefully navigate into the channel, at times so narrow it feels as though you can reach out and touch the mountain walls.

Lofoten´s distinctive scenery of dramatic peaks, sheltered bays and untouched beaches is world-famous. We dock at Svolvær to enjoy a choice of optional Lofoten excursions, including a road trip past steep mountains, beautiful sandy beaches and sheltered bays. Svolvær itself has lots of interesting shops, galleries, cafés, pubs and restaurants.

Departing late morning, we sail along the massive Lofoten mountain wall to Reine. Red and white fishermen’s huts dotting the shoreline and surrounding granite peaks jutting out of the fjord make Reine one of the most photographed landscapes in Norway.

Here you can join an the included excursion to explore the tiny time-honoured fishing village of Å. where you can visit the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum. As you walk among these old coastal buildings, you will get a taste of everyday life at the Lofoten fisheries over the last 250 years.

Day 9Far Out at Sea: Træna - Full day

In the morning hours, we sail along the coast of Helgeland with nothing but sky and sea ahead. In the distance, you can see mountains rising up from the horizon. This is Træna, site of one of the first human settlements in the far north, located right on the Arctic Circle.

Today, the community hosts crazy music festivals, far-out excursions and a Nordic-Hawaii vibe, offering unfiltered adventure.

Træna is also Norway’s oldest fishing community. We dock at the island of Husøya – where most of the 454 inhabitants live.

Ready for fun? Join delightful summer activities like island hopping, taking a sauna in an old boat house, visiting a local coffee roaster, observing sea eagles, tasting local fish produce, bathing in the Norwegian Sea, or hiking through a 700 m long tunnel which leads you to the top of a mountain.

And the end of our stay in Træna, we go to the island of Sanna and enjoy a memorable concert in spectacular Kirkhelleren, a gigantic cathedral-like cave with unique acoustics. A fun archaeology fact – Norway’s oldest human settlement was discovered in Kirkhelleren.

As we leave Træna, we enjoy the evening with the dramatic Helgeland coastline as a backdrop.

Day 10The Viking City: Trondheim - Half day

In the morning, we pass the octagonal Kjeungskjær lighthouse on our way to docking at Trondheim.

Founded by the Viking king Olav Tryggvason in 997, Trondheim was the capital of Norway for 200 years. Today, the city has reputedly the most restaurants and cafés per person in Norway. You may want to find a table at one of the outdoor cafés along the city’s main square and adapt to the laid-back summertime rhythm of the locals.

There is plenty to see and do in this historic city. Today’s included activity is a visit to beautiful Nidaros Cathedral, the country’s only Gothic-style cathedral, built over the burial site of St. Olav (Tryggvason), Norway’s patron saint. Marvel at the religious artwork, architectural details and medieval statues on the facade.

There are a number of exciting summer activities to choose from too, including hiking and biking tours, kayaking through the city centre on the River Nidelv, museum visits and city walks.

After departing Trondheim, we pass the island of Munkholmen, where many executions took during the Viking Age. During the summer, Munkolmen is a popular spot for summer outings.

Day 11Untouched Fjords and Mountains: Urke - Full day

Hjørundfjord stands out from other popular fjords in its solitary beauty, located far off the beaten tourist track.

Considered one of the most beautiful fjords in all of Norway, Hjørundfjord is surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps, with peaks soaring 1,700 m straight up from the sea.

The steep mountains have made it impossible to cultivate the land here. Still, a few tiny farms cling to the mountainsides and small villages like Urke nestle along the shoreline.

We anchor offshore Urke and a small boat takes you ashore. Here you can join a 7 km hike up to a shieling (local farm) through incredibly beautiful scenery.

You can also partake in optional excursions to explore other villages along Hjørundfjord, or go on more demanding hikes and kayaking tours along the fjord. One choice is to join a scenic excursion to the UNESCO Heritage site of Geirangerfjord, and famous Trollstigen road (the troll’s ladder). This excursion ends in Ålesund, where you rejoin the ship.

Day 12Final Chapter of the Fairy Tale: Bergen

In the early morning, we arrive back in Bergen. As you disembark, take along rich memories of a unique expedition cruise filled with unforgettable experiences, meetings with happy Norwegians, wildlife sightings, and encounters with stunning nature.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but we hope to see you on board for new adventures in the very near future.